InternetVue 2100
Perfect for projectors in schools and conference rooms, the EV-2100 has DVI-D and VGA outputs.

HD InternetVue (DT11-KIT)
The Addlogix HD-InternetVue™ Multimedia PC Extender is a two-piece hardware solution for displaying high-definition video, audio, and providing remote keyboard and mouse control as well as IR repeating capabilities over a standard LAN. Multiple units can be used on the same LAN for one-to-multi, multi-to-one, or multi-to-multi source and destination configurations. Best of all, it has no operating system requirements.

Watch and enjoy web-based videos with friends and family on your big-screen TV! TV shows, news, sports, even Hollywood and Bollywood movies from around the world can be found on the Internet!


  • Real-time PC video / audio capture, compression, and transmission
  • Your Entire PC Screen shown on TV – No other “media extender” device will show your full PC screen on your TV this easily
  • Easy to Use – If your PC has wireless networking, you can setup InternetVue™ in about 10 minutes
  • Wireless 802.11b/g – InternetVue™ works with nearly all WiFi PCs and routers
  • Wired 10/100BT - Aside from Wireless, a wired Ethernet port is also available

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