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ChallengeCoins4Less.Com: The Leading Supplier Of Best Quality Custom Coins

Challenge coins are one of the most revered traditions of the US Armed Forces. The practice of coin giving apparently started in World War 1 when unit commanders gave them away to soldiers to build camaraderie, pride, and morale. Its use has evolved into a game which has come to be known as a coin challenge. The game involved challenging comrades to present their unit coin and has dire consequences for those who fail to match the challenge – a round of drinks for the challenger and comrades.

Today, military members continue to wear their challenge coins with pride. Challenge coins continue to inspire brotherhood, loyalty, and unity among soldiers and team members. has been a reliable supplier of challenge coins to military organizations for the past several years. We are proud to be a part of this well-loved tradition.

Challenge Coin

Challenge coins help promote universal values like fraternity and teamsmanship. The idea would soon sweep other government units and organizations. The practice of coin giving has inevitably spread to non-military units such as the police, fire department, and education sector. At, we always rise to the occasion by providing a wide range of options to serve the special requirements of different units and organizations.

Nowadays, custom coins have permeated private organizations and the corporate world. They are widely used as promotional products, as keepsakes, and as a commemorative item to mark important occasions. delivers well-crafted, unique, and impressive custom coins and challenge coins to match the highest standards of your organization. We have world class graphics artists on board and the latest technology to make sure that you’ll get the best custom coins ever. We consistently deliver the highest quality custom coins at the fastest time and at the most competitive prices across the nation.


At Challenge Coins 4 Less, we make sure that your design is implemented to the smallest detail. With us, you’ll never run out of options in terms of style, tone, shape, edge, make, or material. If you can imagine it, we can do it. If you need more ideas for your coin’s design, we’ll gladly help you. We’ll work on your creative ideas in whatever form you put them. No idea is too complicated or too simple for us. We can design your custom coin to fit your needs. You can count on us and our years or experience in producing the best custom coins for your organization or company.

To help you decide on the style, make, and finish of your custom coins, here are some ideas:

Symbols or logos

An organization’s emblem is almost always a part of the custom coin. You can opt to place back-to-back logos on your coin or place more than one logo on either side.

Coin Shape

The standard coin shape is round with 2 inches diameter but we will work on the basic shape to produce polygon, square, or a dog tag shape according to your needs. From there, we can do stars, bottle opener styles, dog tags, your insignias, or whatever customization style you want for your coins.

Metal Style

You can choose classic polished gold or silver metal or go dramatic with other metal styles such as antique copper, antique gold, antique silver, or antique brass. You may also opt for black nickel, polished copper, or polished brass. You can even combine different metal styles to create a duo-tone or tri-tone look. With us, the possibilities are practically endless.

Other Coin Options

There are other details that you can put on your coin to make it unique and special. We do 3D designs, epoxy coating, antiquing effects, diamond cut edges, sequential numbering, offset digital printing, and engraved rim text. We can turn your coin into a bottle opener or key chain. We offer different types of packaging to suit the occasion and your requirements.

Custom Coins

At, we help you come up with powerful and creative designs that will add more value to your custom coins and to your organization. We implement your chosen design with the highest level of precision and excellence to deliver custom coins that befits your organization’s ideals and visions. We consistently deliver on time and never charge hidden fees.

You can trust us to deliver the highest quality coins at the best prices. ChallengeCoins4Less is your reliable one-stop shop for all your custom coins and challenge coins requirements.

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