Minor Software Update: 
v3.06.12 (Jan 2009)

> PC2TV receiver UDP discovery over LAN mechanism improved
> Fixes bug where no PC2TV receivers are found if the PC does not have a wireless network adapter
> Now, only 10.119.23.x network will be excluded from UDP discovery
> UDP Discovery message now sent to
DOES NOT SUPPORT PORTRAIT-MODE.  Click on THIS ARTICLE for instructions on how to revert back to 3.02.02 which supports Portrait mode resolutions.

Major Software Update: 
v3.06.10 (Sept 2008)

> Extended mode available in Windows 2000 and XP, Pan & Scan removed.
> Video scaler supports up to 1680x1050 PC resolution.  DOES NOT SUPPORT PORTRAIT-MODE.
> Auto-discovery of InternetVue units over LAN replaces IP address entry
> NEW QPlayer plays back nearly all major file formats and CODECs, and can output video on extended display only, reducing CPU usage, and freeing primary display for other tasks
> Enhanced User Manual and comprehensive Troubleshooting Guide
> IR Remote Control Support
> PAL / NTSC conversion (IV-2020)
> Hide SSID and Disable Radio

InternetVue 2020 / 2020-RC


Quick Start Guide(PDF)

User’s Manual(PDF) NEW!
Software(v.3.06.12) NEW!

InternetVue 2100


Quick Start Guide(PDF) NEW!

User’s Manual(PDF) NEW!

Product data sheet(PDF)

Software(v.3.06.12) NEW!
InternetVue Brochure(PDF)




1.What type of video resolutions does internetVue support?
2.What type of full motion video quality does internetVue support?
3.What type of audio quality does internetVue support?
4.What is the difference between internetVue 2000 and internetVue 2100?
5.Does internetVue support duplication / mirror video mode and extension mode?
6. What is the difference between InternetVue and Addlogix EchoView?
7. What is the difference between InternetVue and Media Extender / Digital Media Adapter (DMA)?
8. What video players are supported?
9. Can the internet be accessed while the PC is transmitting to InternetVue?
10. Does InternetVue support Windows Vista?
11. What is the minimum system requirement for InternetVue?
12. Does InternetVue support Mac OS?
13. Does InternetVue support DVD playback from computer’s integrated DVD player?